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This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Installing and Using

How to install the plugin?

You can install it with the help of Universal Plugin Manager or install it manually.After plugin installation you should generate an evaluation license for 30 days or purchase a commercial license in order to use the plugin.

Should I configure any settings before using the plugin?

There are no required settings. You only need to install the plugin and enter a license key (commercial or evaluation).

Where are the settings of the plugin located?

Navigate to Administration Console > InPlace Editor Settings.

Some of our users don't need InPlace Editor. How can it be disabled for them?

You can disable InPlace Editor for certain spaces from Administration Console. You can also define if InPlace Editor should be enabled for all newly created spaces.

Users can disable InPlace Editor for themselves from Tools menu by clicking the Disable InPlace Editor menu item. This can be useful when you want to print or save a page without the Pencil icons.

I don't need the Pencil icon for 5th and 6th level headings. How to disable this?

There is an option Show "Pencil" icon only for specified levels of headings in Administration Console > InPlace Editor Settings.

Can multiple users edit the same section simultaneously?

Yes, users can simultaneously edit the same text paragraph. In this case the add-on will behave the way similar to standard Confluence editor. If users have modified the same text snippet within the section, the add-on will prompt to apply the modifications made by another user. If users have modified different text snippets within the same section, no conflict will occur.

The app does not support the collaborative editing as of now. So you will not be able to view other users who are editing the same text snippet and see the updates in the real time. Please vote on this idea.

Are there any known limitations or issues with the add-on?

As of now the following limitations are known:

InPlace Editor is not completely compatible with Confluence Documentation theme. Scroll position on a page is not preserved in Chrome and Internet Explorer after saving it in InPlace Editor.

The app does not support the collaborative editing. Please vote on this idea.

How to disable the onboarding flag message after the app installation?

  1. Navigate to Manage Apps.
  2. Expand all the modules of the InPlace Editor app.
  3. Disable the cipe-tutorial module.

Issues and Resolutions

There are no Pencils icons next to headings on some spaces or for some heading levels.

Ask your Confluence administrator to enable the add-on for the required spaces or heading levels in the Administration section.

The Pencil icons are not displayed for some headings of different levels.

You may encounter this issue when you copy some content from external source, for example, website. InPlace Editor for Confluence processes only HTML headings (<h1>, ..., <h6>) of the top-level. If headings are enclosed within other elements (for example< <div>), such headings are not processed by the add-on and the Pencil icon is not displayed for them.

(warning) Starting from the InPlace Editor 3.0 the add-on processes those elements. Please upgrade the InPlace Editor to the latest version to quickly avoid that issue.

You can try to remove these excess elements from the page by using Confluence Source Editor:

  1. Open the problem page and enable Source Editor (click the '< >' button on the toolbar).
  2. Locate the problem headings.
  3. Ensure that these headings are not enclosed within other web-page elements, if so remove these additional tags (both opening and closing tags).
  4. Save the page.

I cannot create a task list

Unfortunately, InPlace Editor does not support creation of a task list at the moment. We are hoping to resolve this issue in the future releases of the add-on. Meanwhile, InPlace Editor for Confluence supports the already created task lists so you can copy task items, delete or edit them.

How to make Pencil icons less visible

You can modify the visibility of the Pencil icon at Administration - Look And Feel - Stylesheet. Just add the following code snippet:

div.cipe-edit-link-placeholder span {
  opacity: 0.2;
.cipe-header-hover div.cipe-edit-link-placeholder span {
  opacity: 1 !important;

The default icon will become semitransparent, but on hover will look as before.

How to change Pencil icons to Edit links?

You can change the Pencil icons to Edit links at Administration - Look And Feel - Stylesheet. Just add the following code snippet:

.wiki-content .cipe-edit-link-placeholder .aui-iconfont-edit:before {
    content: "Edit";
    color: #3b73af;

How to remove the highlight color when hovering over headings?

You can remove the highlight color when hovering over headings at Administration - Look And Feel - Stylesheet. Just add the following code snippet:

.wiki-content .cipe-header-hover {
    background-color: transparent;

How to change the highlight color when hovering over headings?

You can change the highlight color when hovering over headings at Administration - Look And Feel - Stylesheet. Just add the following code snippet:

.wiki-content .cipe-header-hover {
    background-color: #f5f5f5; //just enter the appropriate RGB color code


What does perpetual license mean?

Perpetual license allows you to continue using product upon expiry of its licensing period. Take into account that support and free updates are available only during the support period.

Can I get any discounts?

If your Confluence instance uses an Academic license you can purchase InPlace Editor for Confluence add-on with 50% price-off. Additionally, when you renew a license you get 50% discount.

Can I purchase InPlace Editor for Confluence add-on for the number of users less than my Confluence is licensed for?

Sorry, but it's impossible. You should purchase the license for the entire number of users that your Confluence instance is licensed for.

Can I get InPlace Editor for Confluence add-on for free?

If your Confluence instance runs with a Community, Non-Profit or OpenSource license you can generate a free license. Send an email to to do that.

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