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1. What TeamCity versions are supported by the add-on?

The add-on supports TeamCity 9.1 and newer versions.

2. What roles and permissions should the user have that is used for integration between JIRA and TeamCity?

You need to grant roles of Project Viewer and Agent Manager to this user account. You need also to create a custom user role (for example, User Profile Viewer) and grant the 'View user profile' permission to it in TeamCity.

3. What is initial data indexation?

Initial data indexation is an automatic procedure that is launched once you add a connection to TeamCity server in JIRA Cloud. It indexes TeamCity build data for quick data accessibility when the user views the related projects or JIRA issues.

4. How often is data index updated?

Data index is a set of TeamCity build data that the add-on uses for display in projects and issues. Once the initial data indexation is complete, the add-on updates the data index when the user opens the TeamCity tab for the whole project or a specific JIRA issue. If users do not view TeamCity data in JIRA Cloud, the add-on does not temporarily update the index.

5. Is it possible to use the Fixed in Build field?

Unfortunately, no. This feature is not available for JIRA Cloud, but you can vote for it.

6. Is it possible to remotely triggers builds in TeamCity from JIRA?

Unfortunately, no. This feature is not available for JIRA Cloud, but you can vote for it.

7. Is it possible to show TeamCity gadgets on JIRA dashboard?

Unfortunately, no. This feature is not available for JIRA Cloud, but you can vote for it. 

8. Can I configure the data indexation parameters?

Unfortunately, not for now. You can vote for this feature.

9. What firewall rules configuration do I set up for add-on operation?

Set up the firewall rules configuration, as follows:

  1. Whitelist the IP addresses, of our add-on service.
  2. Allow the inbound connections through ports 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS) or any other custom port that you specified in the parameters of TeamCity servers during add-on configuration.

Under specific circumstances the allocated IP address may change. Please start watching the add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace to receive notifications about any updates in the add-on.

10. I cannot generate a trial license for the add-on in JIRA UPM. What can I do?

You may encounter this issue when you click the Free Trial button in JIRA UPM. After clicking this button,you just get the page reloaded and the trial license is not applied.

This issue is caused by insufficient permissions. Please ensure that you are assigned to the 'site admins' group or ask the JIRA administrator registered in this group to request a trial license for the add-on.

11. No build data is available after the successful setup and data indexation when using IIS for running TeamCity

You may encounter this issue when your TeamCity operates on the basis of Microsoft's IIS. After the successful add-on setup, its configuration, and initial data indexation you may find no build data in JIRA issues.

The issue is caused primarily by special characters that IIS may treat as invalid when performing HTTP requests to TeamCity. TeamCity REST API uses colon (':') for processing requests that fetch information about related issues, as follows:

To resolve this issue, please do the following:

  1. Locate the web.config file on the IIS server and open it.
  2. Add or edit the RequestPathInvalidCharacters property (if it already exists).

  3. Remove the unnecessary characters that should not be treated as invalid by IIS, as follows:
	<httpRuntime requestPathInvalidCharacters="<,>,*" />

Optionally, you can remove all of them. Prior to doing this, consult the infrastructure support or data security team for any possible impacts of this in your corporate environment.

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