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1. What JetBrains TeamCity versions are supported?

The latest TeamCity Integration for Jira Plugin supports TeamCity 9.1+.

In the table below you can find information about older releases of the app and supported versions of TeamCity server.

app Version2.0.x2.1.0-2.5.x2.6.0,
Supported TeamCity Version8.1-108.1-108.1-109.1+2017+2017+
Supported Jira Version6.1-6.4.x7.0.x-7.1.x7.2+7.2+7.2-7.13.X8.X+

2. Does the plugin store the build data anywhere?

The app indexes TeamCity data only once, then it just re-indexes the updated data.

3. How can I get the plugin to show Jira info in TeamCity?

The plugin installs on Jira and shows TeamCity builds in Jira. It doesn't work the other way round.

4. I configured TeamCity and Jira and installed the plugin. Why I don't see the TeamCity tab in Jira?

Most likely your Jira user doesn't have the permission to View Issue Source Tab (Jira 6.1 and below) or View Development Tools (Jira 6.2 and above).

5. How do I regulate visibility of the TeamCity tab for specific projects in Jira 7.X and 8.X?

You can regulate visibility of the TeamCity tab for specific Jira projects by adding or removing the View Development Tool permission in the project security schemes. Availability of this permission in the security scheme enables display of the TeamCity tab.

6. Why does the TeamCity tab show 'No associated builds are found'?

It means that no builds are associated with the current issue or project. Ensure that every contributor specifies issue keys while committing the program code. Normally, it's specified in a commit log message in a version control system integrated with TeamCity.

For example, a developer commits a source code file adding the log message  DEMO-5 Added compatibility with older browser versions,    the build that includes this change will be shown in Jira in the DEMO project and in issue DEMO-5.

7. Everything runs smoothly and there're no errors in logs, but I see No builds found for some projects. Why?

The TeamCity user specified in the Application Link in Jira does not have access to all projects. Log in to TeamCity using these credentials and check if you see the necessary projects.

Also check whether linking between builds and issues is set up for these projects in Issue Tracker Integration in TeamCity.

8. Why does the indexation take so long?

It may take quite a long time, if your TeamCity server has lots of builds.

However, if you feel that it takes longer than it should, please go to  Administration > apps > TeamCity Configuration > Troubleshooting  and see if there are any errors. Freezing at 0% for a long time might mean that you have a problem with connecting TeamCity and Jira.

9. Something went wrong during the build indexation. Where can I see the error log?

Go to  Administration > apps > TeamCity Configuration > Troubleshooting. For the details on the displayed error, see the Indexing TeamCity Data page.

You can also adjust parameters of build indexation if you experience any issues.

If you need further assistance in case of errors, please contact us.

10. I created an Application Link. Now, I'm trying to create a Project Link, but something is not right. What do I do next?

You don't need a Project Link for the plugin to work. With the Application Link correctly configured, the plugin will assign all builds containing Issue Keys to corresponding projects.

11. Can I show the build number on cards on Scrum and Kanban boards?

Yes. You can customize the look of cards and add the Fixed in build field into the card layout.

12. Can I view the number of build which addresses the issue in Issue Navigator?

Yes. You can add the Fixed in build column into the layout of Issue Navigator.

13. Jira and TeamCity reside in the same network and connect to the Internet via a proxy. Why can't Jira connect to TeamCity? 

If Jira is configured to use a proxy, it tries to connect to TeamCity via a proxy even if the TeamCity server is in the same network. The proxy server could block this connection.

For the details on this issue, refer to this page .

14. The Jira Base URL was changed. Why do Jira issues in the TeamCity tabs still have the old URL?

Make sure that the new URL is specified in Issue Tracker Integration in TeamCity and reindex the builds in Jira's Administration > apps > TeamCity Configuration > Troubleshooting.

15. What happens in case of network problems during the initial indexation?

Initially, the plugin indexes builds by packages of 20 builds. If during the initial indexation, the plugin can't access TeamCity, it will keep trying to index the build package next to the last successfully indexed one.

If the Skip Builds option is enabled in Administration > apps > TeamCity Configuration > Global Configuration, the plugin will skip the builds that can't be indexed due to network or other problems.

16. What happens if the connection to TeamCity is lost after the initial indexation?

After the initial build index is created, the plugin updates it every 2 minutes. In case it can't connect to TeamCity, the plugin will keep trying to reach it every 2 minutes until it succeeds.

If the Skip Builds option is enabled in Administration > apps > TeamCity Configuration > Global Configuration, the plugin will skip the builds that can't be indexed due to network or other problems.

17. Why may I need to reindex all TeamCity builds?

If the plugin doesn't show builds that you're sure should be shown, reindex the build list completely. To do that, go to Administration > apps > TeamCity Configuration > Troubleshooting and click the  Reindex button. Please note that reindexation will start from scratch and can take a while on large instances.


18. How do I turn on logging?

In Administration > System > Troubleshooting and Support > Logging & Profiling, set the DEBUG level for the following packages:

  • com.stiltsoft.jira.extra.teamcity.index

Optionally, you can do the same for com.stiltsoft.lib.teamcity.connector.util , but this may significantly slow down your Jira instance and make a mess of your log.

The com.stiltsoft.jira.extra.teamcity.index package outputs the following data in the logs:

[INFO] [talledLocalContainer] 2014-04-08 13:16:29,973 pool-17-thread-1 DEBUG ServiceRunner    com.stiltsoft.jira.extra.teamcity.index.sal.TeamCityIndexing:job [extra.teamcity.index.IndexUpdaterImpl]  --> updateIndexInitial(app-link-name) /httpAuth/app/rest/builds?count=20&start=2020

[INFO] [talledLocalContainer] 2014-04-08 13:16:38,851 pool-17-thread-1 DEBUG ServiceRunner    com.stiltsoft.jira.extra.teamcity.index.sal.TeamCityIndexing:job [extra.teamcity.index.IndexUpdaterImpl]  --> updateIndexInitial(app-link-name) /httpAuth/app/rest/builds?count=20&start=2040

The package outputs the following data in the logs:

[INFO] [talledLocalContainer] 2014-04-08 13:14:24,684 pool-17-thread-1 DEBUG ServiceRunner    com.stiltsoft.jira.extra.teamcity.index.sal.TeamCityIndexing:job [] Request: TCServer{appLinkId='ed9de4d0-1be9-3380-9980-bf14e1548314', url=''}/httpAuth/app/rest/builds/id:123947?

[INFO] [talledLocalContainer] 2014-04-08 13:14:24,882 pool-17-thread-1 DEBUG ServiceRunner    com.stiltsoft.jira.extra.teamcity.index.sal.TeamCityIndexing:job [] Request: TCServer{appLinkId='ed9de4d0-1be9-3380-9980-bf14e1548314', url=''}/httpAuth/app/rest/builds/id:123947/relatedIssues?

Logging of packages works temporarily until the Jira restart.

For permanent package logging you need to locate the file (see this page for file location) and add into it the following strings: = DEBUG, console, filelog = false

Where instead of can be any of the packages mentioned above.

For the details on where to find Jira logs, refer to this page.

19. What should I do if there are a lot of app errors in Jira log?

  1. Enable the DEBUG mode for the packet. See the How do I turn on logging? section for details.

  2. Wait for half an hour.

  3. Send a portion of Jira logs for the last hour to us.

  4. Provide the screenshot of the page with the created application links.

  5. Let us know versions of your Jira, TeamCity and installed app.

20. Why do I not see the TeamCity tab for some projects in Jira 7?

Starting from version 2.1.0, the app shows the TeamCity tab only in Software and Service Desk projects (Jira Software and Jira Service Desk). The dedicated tab is not available in business projects (Jira Core).

21. Why does the TeamCity Build Runner field fail to trigger build execution in newer TeamCity versions?

You may experience issues with triggering builds through the TeamCity Build Runner custom field, post function in Jira, or TeamCity Build Configurations Gadget.

The issue occurs with TeamCity 2017.x or newer. To resolve this issue, please see TeamCity documentation for details or follow the steps below:

  1. Log as as administrator in to TeamCity.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Server Administration > Diagnostics.
  3. Switch to the  Internal Properties tab.
  4. Locate the config/ file.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Add the parameter with the URL of your Jira host: for example, (You may enter multiple hosts and separate them with a comma).
  7. Save the modified properties.

22. No build data is available after the successful setup and data indexation when using IIS for running TeamCity

You may encounter this issue when your TeamCity operates on the basis of Microsoft's IIS. After the successful app setup, its configuration, and initial data indexation you may find no build data in Jira issues.

The issue is caused primarily by special characters that IIS may treat as invalid when performing HTTP requests to TeamCity. TeamCity REST API uses colon (':') for processing requests that fetch information about related issues, as follows:

resolve this issue, please do the following:

  1. Locate the web.config file on the IIS server and open it.
  2. Add or edit the RequestPathInvalidCharacters property (if it already exists).

  3. Remove the unnecessary characters that should not be treated as invalid by IIS, as follows:
	<httpRuntime requestPathInvalidCharacters="<,>,*" />

Optionally, you can remove all of them. Prior to doing this, consult the infrastructure support or data security team for any possible impacts of this in your corporate environment.

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