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With TeamCity Integration for Jira, detailed build statistics will be always available for you directly in Jira.

For every Jira project, issue or product version you will have a complete list of builds associated to it. The list contains the information about whether the build is successful, its start date and time, duration

This page outlines basic actions to start with Jira TeamCity Integration plugin and is intended for users with solid Jira and TeamCity experience. 

For details and step-by-step guides, see our Administrator's Guide and FAQ.

Step 1: Install and Configure

Prepare TeamCity and Jira before using the plugin:

  1. Set up integration from TeamCity to Jira and fetch project keys.
  2. Configure Jira integration with TeamCity and grant access to a TeamCity user to access Jira projects.
  3. Install the add-on license in Jira.
  4. Create the TeamCity Application Link and configure  Basic HTTP Authentication for Outgoing Authentication.

How to integrate Jira and TeamCity in just two minutes

Step 2: Use

  1. Wait for the initial indexing to finish.
  2. View TeamCity builds on the Project and Issue pages. 
  3. Add the TeamCity gadgets to Dashboard.

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