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Release of a product version depends on different aspects. As a release engineer or product manager, you need to ensure that everything is complete before you can ship another version of your software product to your customers.

You need to check a bunch of things whether issues are complete, program code is committed, reviewed, and, finally, merged, builds have passed all the necessary tests, and so on. The Release Hub in Jira Software can help you to track the development progress and see when it is time to release a version.

Viewing the build information for an issue

  1. On the Jira navigation sidebar, select Release Hub and choose the appropriate version.
  2. Select the appropriate tab with issues grouped by status.
  3. Locate the issue you are interested in.
  4. Click the icon (or ) located in the right part of the table.

In the opened form, you can view the relevant development information, such as build configuration, status of the latest build, test results and date of build completion. Right from this form, you can quickly transition to the related section in TeamCity.

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