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Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions.

Can I use Smart Attachments for document management in Confluence?

Yes, our app was designed for efficient document management in Confluence.

Can I edit documents stored in the space storage?

Yes, you can edit documents with the Atlassian Companion app.

Can I share files with external users who have no accounts in Confluence?

Yes, you can share folders with files with external users. You need to allow external access and share the public access link with the required users.

Can I quickly migrate my folders with files into your space storage?

Yes, you can upload folders with documents. The app will automatically recreate the structure of folders from uploaded files and will add files within the right folder.

Can I embed the folder structure into Confluence pages?

Yes, you can use the Folder attachments macro to embed folders into Confluence pages. You can browse through the folders, rename and delete folders, add, edit and delete attachments.

Can I keep separate revisions of the same document?

Yes, you can. Just upload files with the same name into the appropriate folder by drag-n-drop.

Can I add labels to documents?

Yes, You can add labels to documents.

Can I reference documents on Confluence pages?

Yes, you can embed documents into Confluence pages.

Can I perform bulk operations on documents?

No. This feature is not available yet. Please vote on it.

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