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What is this add-on for?

Submodule Changes for Bitbucket helps visualize modified lines of code in commits and pull requests for repositories with submodules.

While working with Git submodules, there's a common problem with showing changes that are made to the submodule in the Diff tab. It displays two commit hashes instead of actually modified files and LOC. It's especially inconvenient when it comes to reviewing pull requests.

Submodule Changes for Bitbucket app helps watch changes committed to a submodule in a standard Bitbucket Diff view as if they're committed to the super-repository. It also gives an ability to watch Blame leave comments for more convenient pull requests review. 

Submodule Changes for Bitbucket also gives an ability to watch Blame, leave comments on the entire pull request, a particular file, or on specific lines of code in a file for more convenient pull requests review. 

How to install and configure the app?

To install Submodule Changes for Bitbucket, log into your Bitbucket Server as Administrator and install Submodule Changes for Bitbucket directly from Atlassian marketplace or by file upload. 

The app doesn't require any configuration. Once installed, the changes apply to the Diff tab for commits and pull requests with updates to a submodule. 

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