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New in this release

We've supported recursive Git submodules which makes it possible to watch the diff for pull requests and commits where multiple levels of submodule repositories were changed. Before that, the app only supported viewing the repositories one level down. 

The new feature is a solution for reviewing enterprise multi-repo projects where you had to switch between hundreds of pull requests for minor changes and it's hard to get a grasp of what's actually being changed.

Important note about the licensing

From version 2.0, Submodule Changes for Bitbucket will become a paid app. Once you update, your 30-day trial period will start. 

Compatibility with Bitbucket

The app becomes compatible with Bitbucket Server and Data Center versions 6.0 and above.


We're also happy to announce that we are going to add lots of new features to provide a high-level experience for teams that use PRs for working with submodules:

  • Create a single entry point for PRs in submodules. Make it easier to open pull requests in submodules at the same time when a PR in a super-repo is opened, and close them all.
  • Add merge-checks to ensure all submodule PRs are merged, and super-repo PRs are linked to the correct commits in the correct branches.
  • Visually display submodules PRs in the super-repo PRs.

If you have use cases for these features or any other feature requests, please, contact us at to share the details and make sure we'll create a solution that works best for you.

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