Major improvements and bug fixes. Starting from version 2.0 Table Filter is a paid add-on.The table below might give you idea why we did this. 

 Fifteen Previous VersionsVersion 2.0
Bugs Fixed217
Features Implemented24
Improvements introduced12

As you can see, version 2.0 fixed 1\4 of all bugs and introduced 2\3 of all features and improvements. We are going to keep up this pace and put more effort into further improvement of Table Filter.

This Version Highlights

Select Filters from Lists Using Autocomplete

Table Filter automatically analyzes the header of the table to be filtered and creates a list from which you can choose a filter. Manual entering the value is still possible.

Quickly Clear Filters

Now you can quickly delete a filter value by pressing the cross icon next to it.

Use Regular Expressions in Textbox Filters

Textbox filters now allow using JavaScript-style regular expressions. 

Add Several Filter Values to Drop-Down Filters

Previously, you could add only one value to a drop-down filter. From this version on you can create multi-valued filters.

Improved Compatibility

Introduced compatibility with tables generated by:

  • Task Report macro
  • Scaffolding add-on
  • JIRA Issues macro
  • No labels