Global filtering, complex filtering for multiple tables and other improvements.

New in this version

  • Filtering all columns in the table with one filter
  • Ability to set individual and common filters for multiple tables
  • Showing the number of filtered and total lines
  • Setting field width for each filter individually
  • Several default values for drop-down filters
  • Showing only a specific number of first rows in a table
  • Disabling all filters without resetting filter values

Fixed in this version

  • Improved performance
  • Compatibility with Firefox

Version Highlights

Global Filter

You now can use one filter for values in any columns. Select the Global filter option in the add-on settings.

Complex Filtering

In previous versions of Table Filter you had to have columns in the same order for several table to apply one filter to them. This is not the case anymore. You can filter tables with columns in any order you like, set individual filters for a specific table or a common filter for all of them.

Several Preset Values for Drop-Down Filters

You now can specify not only one, but several default values for drop-down filters.

Showing N top rows in the table

If you work with a long table, it might be a good idea to hide most of it. To do that, put the number of top rows you want to see by default in the Show N first rows.

Number of Filtered Rows

If you wonder how many rows there are in your table, and how many of them got filtered, just hover over the Table Filter logo in the filter pane and check the tip.

Flexible width setting

Sometimes it's better to have filter fields of different width. Now you can do it by splitting width values in the Filter Cells Width field with commas.


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