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New in this release

Table Transformer macro is included in the bundle of useful macros for tables processing

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The macro provides the ability to create a new table based on multiple tables in a few seconds:

  • merge multiple tables (join rows from multiple tables to one table) using the default preset
  • lookup multiple tables (join columns from multiple tables to one table) using the default preset
  • perform any transformations: add complex formulas, match only specific rows (columns) using filtration criteria, output data using If/Then constructs, and much more using custom SQL queries

Greatly improved the Table Excerpt Include macro

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Table Excerpt Include performs multi-excerpt from various sources:

  • from specific pages (new feature)
  • from pages with childpages and (or) all descendants (new feature)
  • from pages by labels (new feature)
  • from the current page

Excerpted tables can be further used for merging (Table Transformer macro), filtration (Table Filter macro), aggregating (Pivot Table macro), visualizing (Chart from Table macro), and any other purposes.

Added support for Confluence Mobile

Filtered tables, created pivot tables, and rendered charts are available for viewing in the Confluence Mobile app and in mobile browsers now.


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