In Talk comments, you can add links to various sources.

Inserting Links to Confluence Pages

To insert a link to a Confluence page, do the following:

  1. In the comment text box press [.
  2. Start writing the Confluence page title.
  3. Choose the page suggested by autocomplete.

Inserting Links to External Pages

To insert a link to an external page, do one of the following:

  • Paste a URL to a comment. In this case, you will see the complete URL in the comment.
  • First, select existing text in a comment and then paste a URL to it. The selected text is automatically converted to a link title.

Inserting Links to Page Attachments

Please, note that inserting links to attachments is available from version 2.2.0 only.

You can add links to all types of file attachments supported by Confluence by dropping them in a comment. The file is automatically attached to the current page and its link appears in the comment as shown below:

To learn more about the format of links in Talk comments, see here.

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