When you create Talk discussions, you can also restrict viewing them to certain users and/or user groups. There're three ways to do that:

Brief video tutorial

You can set up Talk Permissions on two levels: on a space level and for a specific discussion.

In this article you will learn how to safely collaborate with external users with Talk Restrictions.

Setting Talk Permissions on a space level

Space permissions are a kind of default permissions applied to all Talk inline comments and discussions created within the space.

  1. Open the space, which you want to set permissions for.
  2. On the left-side navigation bar, click the Space tools button.
  3. Select Permissions, then select the Talk Permissions tab.

You can also modify talk permissions for a specific space, from the Administration Console. Navigate to the Users & Security sections and select here Space Permissions. On the Individual Spaces list, locate the appropriate space and click the Manage Permissions link. Then follow the instructions below.

Here, you can enter users and user groups that can view talks created within the current space.

4. Click Apply when finished.

If you want to remove some user or user group from the restrictions list, click the Remove restriction link. Such a user or user group will no longer be able to view talks within the current space.

If you want to revert modifications, click the Revert button.

Setting Talk Permissions for a discussion

Every time you create a Talk inline comment/discussion in the space with the configured talk permissions for the entire space, you can modify these default permissions while adding or editing the talk.

To restrict viewing a specific discussion/suggestion to a list of users and/or user groups do the following:

  1. Start adding the Talk discussion or Talk Suggestion. In case you want to change permissions for an existing discussion, skip this step.
  2. Click the lock icon in the Talk cloud. You will see a list of users who can view this discussion (empty for a new discussion if space permissions are not set).
  3. Type names of users and/or user groups to enable viewing this discussion/suggestion for them. 
  4. To delete a user/user group from a list, click  next to their name.
  5. Click Apply to save changes.

Setting Talk Permissions in Edit mode

  1. Start adding the Talk discussion or Talk Suggestion. In case you want to change permissions for an existing discussion, skip this step.
  2. In the macro window, click Edit as described in the picture below.
  3. Go through steps 3-4 described above.
  4. Add your message
  5. Click the Insert button

Access to talks is defined by complex factors and is based mainly on the following principles:

  • A user needs to have either Pages permission or Comments permission in order to be able to add a Talk comment/discussion while viewing a page
  • If the talk has restrictions, so only the users and/or user groups on the restrictions list can see this talk.
  • All users, who are allowed to view and edit the talk, can change its viewing restrictions.
  • The space administrator cannot access the talk if he/she is not on the restrictions list.
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