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Talk permissions are available only starting from Talk Add-on 1.8.0. For usage scenarios, please, see this post in our blog.

When you create a new talk, you can also restrict its viewing through entering the users or user groups that can view and comment this talk.

Once you have entered the first comment, click the Restrict link.

You are prompted to specify users or user groups that can view and comment your talk. Just start typing names of users or user groups, and select the appropriate entries from the matching results.

You can also delete users or user groups that were mistakenly selected by clicking the Delete  icon.

Access to talks is defined by complex factors and is based mainly on the following principles:

  • If the user can only view the page, so he/she is allowed only to view the talk on this page without an ability to edit it.
  • If the talk has restrictions, so only the users and/or user groups on the restrictions list can access the talk.
  • All users, who are allowed to view and edit the talk, can change its viewing restrictions.
  • The space administrator cannot access the talk, if he/she is not on the restrictions list.

For the details on permissions for viewing and editing talks, see the diagram displayed below.

Setting Space Permissions for Talks

Space permissions are a kind of default permissions applied to all talks created within the space.

  1. Open the space, which you want to set permissions for.
  2. On the left-side navigation bar, click the Space tools button.
  3. Select Permissions, then select the Talk Permissions tab.


    You can also modify talk permissions for a specific space, form the Administration Console. Navigate to the Users & Security sections and select here Space Permissions. On the Individual Spaces list, locate the appropriate space and click the Manage Permissions link. Then follow the instructions below.

  4. Here, you can enter users and user groups that can view talks created within the current space.
  5. Click Apply when complete.
  6. If you want to remove some user or user group from the restrictions list, click the Remove restriction link. Such a user or user group will no longer be able to view talks within the current space.
  7. If you want to revert modifications, click the Revert button.


    Every time you create a talk in the space with the configured talk permissions for the entire space, you can modify these default permissions while adding or editing the talk.

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