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1. What is Atlassian Marketplace?

Atlassian Marketplace is business ecosystem for purchasing Atlassian products and third-party add-ons and extensions for them. Marketplace is the preferred way of buying commercial licenses for installed add-ons and extensions. You buy from Atlassian directly, and then Atlassian shares the revenue with the developer of the add-on.

2. Who can I buy the add-on from?

You can purchase this add-on directly from Atlassian Marketplace.

3. What are the pros of buying on Atlassian Marketplace?


  • Performing purchases on Atlassian Marketplace means only dealing with Atlassian instead of dealing with separate vendors.
  • You will buy from Atlassian taking the same terms and using the same purchase system you've already used to buy Atlassian products (for example, JIRA or Confluence).
  • We are looking forward to migrating all our products to Atlassian Marketplace to preserve the identical customer experience as if purchasing native Atlassian products. We also plan to migrate the currently purchased commercial licenses from our reseller to Atlassian Marketplace. So if you buy from Marketplace now you'll save your time on switching in the future.
  • All transactions are secured from any financial frauds.


  • We have not found any yet!

4. I'm an existing customer, buying from you. What changes for me?

You will not notice any changes as of now. Your current commercial license will continue to work as before.

5. I'm an existing customer, can I move to Marketplace?

Please send us an email to or submit a ticket at

The license cannot be migrated to Marketplace within 30-day period after purchase, after this period it can be moved.

6. Where do I enter the evaluation / commercial license received via your website?

  1. Navigate to Confluence Admin.
  2. From the Configuration section, select Talk Add-on License.
  3. Click Upload License.
  4. Enter your license key.
  5. Click Save.

7. Where do I enter the evaluation / commercial license received via Atlassian?

By default, you are prompted to automatically apply the license after purchase. If this did not happen, so follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Confluence Admin.
  2. From the Atlassian Marketplace section, select Manage Add-ons.
  3. On the list with installed add-ons, locate the Talk - Inline Comments for Confluence and click it to expand.
  4. In the expanded area, locate the License key field.
  5. Click the Edit icon.
  6. Enter your license key.
  7. Click Update.

8. Which license should I purchase?

The Talk license policy copies that of Atlassian Confluence. Check what Confluence license you currently have and purchase the corresponding Talk license.

9. I have a 100 Users Confluence license, can I purchase Talk Add-on for fewer users?

Sorry, but it's impossible. You should purchase the add-on license for the entire number of users that your Confluence instance is licensed for.

10. My Confluence instance is used under a Community/OpenSource/Classroom license. Can I get Talk for free?

Yes, in this case you can request a free Community/OpenSource/Classroom license for Talk directly from Atlassian. To do that, please, follow this link.

Your free Talk license is valid only if your organization is approved by Atlassian for a Community/OpenSource/Classroom license type. 

11. What payment methods are supported?

If you purchase Talk Add-on from our re-seller, you can perform a transaction via a credit card, PayPal or by a bank transfer.

If you purchase Talk Add-on from Atlassian, you can perform a transaction via a credit card, by a check or a bank transfer.

12. Can I get any discount?

If you use Confluence under the academic license, you can purchase Confluence Talk at a half price. Also, every customer (except Starter license owners) gets a 50% discount when renewing their license.

13. Are there any discounts for Atlassian Experts?

Yes, we provide 20-percent discount for Atlassian Experts. You can get this discount when purchasing via Atlassian Marketplace. In case you purchase from our re-seller, you need first to contact our support team and get a coupon code for getting a discount.

14. How is my online transaction secured?

All fund transactions are secured. If you perform license purchase on, your transactions are secured by Atlassian. For the details on product purchase via Atlassian, refer to Atlassian's Licensing & Purchasing FAQ. If you make purchase on our website, in this case all online transactions are protected by the software developed by the Avangate company, a globally recognized software re-seller. Avangate is certified to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Please, see Avangate shoppers FAQ for more information.

15. I started buying the add-on, but something went wrong. Where can I get help?

If you experience problems when buying a license on our site, please contact our reseller Avangate. For problems with buying the add-on on Markteplace, please contact Atlassian.

16. I have more questions about purchasing and licensing Talk Add-on.

Please, contact our support team.

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