You can search for pages with Talk discussions using the Confluence Search:

Confluence Search Box in the header

Use the Confluence Search Box in the header to enter your query. 

The search queries syntax is the following:

Find all Confluence pages with at least one Talk macro
talk:"some text"By text in discussions


talk:"do that ASAP"

talkUser:"User Name"By commenter (by user name, first name, last name or full name)




talkUser:"Alex Smith"

talkUpdated:[yyyymmdd TO yyyymmdd]By talk update date rangetalkUpdated:[20141201 TO 20150201]
macroName:talkFor Talk macromacroName:talk

talk:"some text" AND talkUpdated:[yyyymmdd TO yyyymmdd] 

talk:"text 1" OR talk:"text 2"

talkUser:"User Name 1" NOT talkUser:"User Name 2" 

(variations are possible)

By several terms

talk:"do that ASAP" AND talkUpdated:[20141201 TO 20150201]

talk:change OR talk:modify

talkUser:asmith NOT talkUser:jclarks


You can use Confluence Search Syntax to refine your search.

Make sure to include your query in double quotes if it contains spaces.

Confluence Search Screen

Available in Confluence 5.9 and above starting from the Talk version 3.3.0.

Instead of using search queries, you can search Talk discussions by adding filters on the Confluence search screen.

To use this searching option:

  1. go to the Confluence Search Box in the header
  2. navigate to the Advanced search option located under the filters

  3. click 'Add a filter' on the bottom of the sidebar

  4. select a suitable Talk filter

Available filters:

  • Talk text -  searches by text in discussions
  • Talk updated - searches by talk update time
  • Talk user - searches by a commenter (by user name, first name, last name, or full name)

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