Discussion archiving, updating discussion in real time and adding links to attachments by drag&drop.

New in this release

The new version includes the following changes:

  • Discussion archiving.
  • Updating discussions in real time.
  • Adding links to files by dropping them in a comment.
  • Compatibility with Confluence Data Center.
  • Adding Talk discussions on Confluence 5.1-5.2 within the Edit mode fixed.
  • Minor improvements.

Discussion Archiving

In case you want to remove a discussion from a page without actually deleting it, you can now click Resolve and click Archive in the appeared window.

The whole discussion cloud will be removed, the discussion icon will, however, remain on the page allowing you to restore the discussion in future. The icons of the archived discussions look different for easier navigation on the page. No actions can be applied to an archived discussion until it is restored.

Once the discussion is restored, you will see the cloud again in the page and can add comments to it or delete it forever.

Archiving can be useful when the discussed problem is solved or is not relevant anymore, but the discussion contains important information that can be used later. Or, you just want to put the discussion on hold for a time being disabling users to add comments to it. You still can use search in archived discussions.

Updating Discussions in Real Time

When you're viewing a page that contains Talk discussions, they're updated in real time and you don't need to refresh the page to view new comments. New comments are colored differently and are easy to identify in the discussion clouds.

To view newly added discussions, however, you still need to refresh a page.

Adding Links to Attachments by Drag&Drop

If you need to attach a file to a page (for example, a screen shot) and give a link to it in a Talk comment, you can now do it in no time. Just drop the file in a new (or edited) Talk comment.

The file will be uploaded to Confluence and attached to the page where the Talk discussion is located. You will see an automatically generated link to the image in the comment. Alternatively, you can first select text in your comment and drop the file, the selected text will be converted to a link.




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