New in this release

  •  Viewing, managing and replying to Talk comments in 'Edit' mode.

Fixed in this release

  • Changes to permissions of archived discussions, made in 'Edit' mode in the Insert Talk Macro dialog window were not being saved.


Viewing, managing and replying to Talk comments in 'Edit' mode

Before you could view, edit, delete and reply to Talk comments; resolve, archive and restore archived Talk discussions only in 'View' mode. Now you can do all that in 'Edit' mode as well. It's very convenient to have inline comments available when editing Confluence pages, as you can, e.g.:

  • use comments' contents as reference while making changes;
  • contextually reply to comments right after you've changed something;
  • save some time by managing changes related discussions right in 'Edit' mode without wasting any time on switching to 'View' mode and looking for the right discussion to manage.

Read more about Starting Discussions in 'Edit' Mode and Managing Discussions.




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