New in this release

  • Navigating between talks. 
  • Favourite Talks 


Navigating between talks

Easy navigation between talks comes in handy on long pages with multiple discussions. Now instead of scrolling up and down, you can navigate to the previous or next talk by:

  • clicking arrows in the top left corner of an active talk;
  • clicking arrows near the right-hand sidebar toggling button;
  • using keyboard shortcuts: '8' to navigate to the previous talk and '2' to go to the next one.

Hint: instead of scrolling down to the first talk on a page, you can click  below the right-hand sidebar toggling button.





Favourite Talks

Marking talks as favourites

Now you can mark talks as favourites. It's very convenient in such cases:

  • you have some ongoing talk discussions you want to keep track of
  • you need to remember to answer some talks
  • you want to keep a to-be resolved talk as a reference
  • you need a way to easily and quickly find certain talks, and more

To add a talk to Favourite Talks, click   in its top right corner. The star icon will change to  . To remove the talk from favourites, click the grey star.



Navigating to Favourite Talks

You can view and manage all marked as favourites talks in one place, on the Favourites Talks page in your profile. To get there:

  • click your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen
  • choose Favourite Talks

It opens the Favourite Talks page.


Viewing and managing favourite talks from all spaces on one page

On the Favourite Talks page, you can see all your favourite talks across all spaces. To make talks active, click corresponding Talk icons or comments themselves. To view a talk on a Confluence page, click the link next to the Talk icon.

Besides browsing, you can edit, delete, reply to, resolve, archive talks, restore resolved and archived talks, manage viewing permissions.

It's possible to sort talks by date updated, date marked as favourite or page title by using the toggle button above the list of talks. 

On this page, you can remove talks from favourites by clicking  in the list of favourite talks or in the comment.


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