Insert Handy Timestamp

  1. Go to the edit mode.

  2. Position the mouse pointer in the appropriate place on the page.
Option 1Option 2
  1. Start entering /Handy Timestamp.
  2. From the prompted list of macro choices, select Handy Timestamp.
  1. In the editor toolbar, click Insert  >  Confluence content > Handy Timestamp.
  2. In the Select Macro form, find the macro and insert it.

Configure Handy Timestamp

Select the timestamp value

Handy Timestamp is designed to protect sensitive moments against changes on Confluence pages. You need to select what moment our macro will register for you. Once done when inserting the macro, Handy Timestamp displays the specified value on a page.

Handy Timestamp has the following options to choose from:

  1. Page published. Choose this option to indicate when the page was published the first time.
  2. Page last updated. Choose this option to indicate when the page was last modified.
  3. Timestamp added. Choose this option to indicate when the Handy Timestamp macro is added to the page. It inserts the current date and time.

To select the required value:

  1. Start adding or editing the Handy Timestamp macro.
  2. Locate the Timestamp value.
  3. Pick the required one from the dropdown list.
  4. Save the macro.

Select the timestamp value

When inserting the macro, you can select the timestamp format to customize the way the date and time will appear on a page. You can also enter the format manually in the Timestamp format field.

  1. Start adding or editing the Handy Timestamp macro.
  2. Locate the Timestamp format field.
  3. Pick the required one from the dropdown list or enter the format in the field manually and click Create "Your format".
  4. Save the macro.

Please refer to the table with the supported date formats if you are configuring custom date and time formats.

Supported timestamp formats

Use the following symbols for configuring custom date and time formats:

String ValueExample

d - day of the month (no leading zero)

dd - day of the month (two digits)01
M - month of the year (no leading zero)1
MM - month of the year (two digits)01

MMM - month (short name)

MMMM - month (long name)January
yy - year (two digits)19
yyyy - year (four digits)2019
HH - hour in day (1-24)14
hh - hour in am/pm (1-12)02
mm - minute 01
ss - second 01

Edit Handy Timestamp

Our macro serves for marking important dates on Confluence pages. For this reason, you can't change the date and time after saving the macro. In the view mode, Handy Timestamp appears as unchangeable text, in the edit mode, you can only update the macro value type and format. To do so, you need:

  1. Enter the page edit mode.
  2. Locate Handy Timestamp.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Update the required parameters in the Timestamp value and/or Timestamp format field.
  5. Save changes.

Known issues

  1. Due to the technical peculiarities in Confluence Cloud templates, Handy Timestamp will depict a sample date and time when inserting the macro in a template. The required timestamp will appear when you create a page from this template.
  2. The Handy Timestamp value set to the Timestamp added function on a copied page will retain the value of the Handy Timestamp macro from the original page. Please mind it and create a new Handy Timestamp macro with this value on a copied page if required.