Will I get notifications when the status changes?

All watchers of the page will get automatic email notifications about status changes.

Can I use a hotkey to add Handy Status to the page quickly?

Press Ctrl+Alt+S combination when editing the page to do it.

To disable this feature:

  1. Navigate to Confluence administration > Atlassian Marketplace > Manage add-ons, then choose Handy Macros.
  2. Expand the list of add-on modules.
  3. Disable the Insert Handy Status Hotkey module.

Can I customize my Handy Status look?

You can choose the background color and text color for your statuses while creating or editing status sets.

Can I change the width or height of Handy Status?

The size of Handy Status adjusts to its text value. Custom size is not available at the moment.

Can I copy my personal status sets to space or global sets?

At the moment, this feature is not available. If you are planning to share the status set with your teammates and use it across shared pages, create a status set for the space instead of creating a personal status set.

Will other users be able to see the status created from my personal status set?

Yes, they will see the status on the Confluence page. They will only be not able to use your personal status set themselves.

Can I disable the change of Handy Status in the page view mode?

This feature is not available at the moment. If you want to lock your page from changes, you can set access restrictions to the whole page. In this case, Handy Status change won't be available.

Can I export status values to pdf or word?

Yes, the macro values are present in your pdf or word file when you export your Confluence page. Note that you will see only the current value. The history of changes is not available in an exported file.