I can't change the date inserted with Handy Timestamp. What's the reason?

Handy Timestamp creates the date and time record that can't be changed by any user. This is done on purpose. Having this information protected from changes on Confluence pages helps users to track important actions with confidence.

Can I use a hotkey to insert Handy Timestamp?

You can quickly add the Handy Timestamp macro to the page by using the key combination. Press Ctrl+Alt+T combination when editing the page.

I don't want time to be displayed on my Handy Timestamp, only date is needed.

You can change the Handy Timestamp format to suit your needs. The format can be selected out of the predefined ones or entered manually.

I've recently migrated to Cloud and don't find Handy Timestamp in the list of available macros.

Unfortunately, this macro is not available in Cloud for now. Please, vote for this feature in Cloud if you are interested. At the moment, users will see unknown macro instead of Handy Timestamp in Cloud.

Be mindful of that before migration. You may need to change Timestamps into the Date Macro not to lose information in Cloud.