Insert Handy Timestamp

  1. Go to the edit mode.

  2. Position the mouse pointer in the appropriate place on the page.
Option 1Option 2
  1. Start entering {Handy Timestamp}.
  2. From the prompted list of macro choices, select the macro.

  1. In the editor toolbar, click Insert more content  >  Other macros > Handy Timestamp.
  2. In the Select Macro form, find the macro and insert it.

Read our article to find out more.

Set the date and time format for Handy Timestamp

When inserting the macro, select the proper date and time format or enter it manually.

Please, refer to the table with the supported date formats if you are configuring custom date and time formats.

Supported date formats

Use the following symbols for configuring custom date and time formats:

String ValueExample

d - day of the month (no leading zero)

dd - day of the month (two digits)01
M - month of the year (no leading zero)1
MM - month of the year (two digits)01

MMM - month (short name)

MMMM - month (long name)January
yy - year (two digits)19
yyyy - year (four digits)2019
HH - hour in day (1-24)14
hh - hour in am/pm (1-12)02
mm - minute 01
ss - second 01

Select what date and time to display

When inserting the macro, you can choose what moment Handy Timestamp should display. You have three options to choose from:

Inserting the macroPublishing the pageThe last page update
Choose this option to indicate when the Handy Timestamp macro is added to the page. It inserts the current date and time.Choose this option to indicate when the page was published the first time.Choose this option to indicate when the page was last modified.

Use Handy Timestamp hotkey

You can quickly add the Handy Timestamp macro to the page by using the key combination. Press Ctrl+Alt+T combination when editing the page.

You can disable this feature if you do not need it in your Confluence.

To disable this feature:

  1. Navigate to Confluence administration > Atlassian Marketplace > Manage add-ons, then choose Handy Macros.
  2. Expand the list of add-on modules.
  3. Disable the Insert Handy Timestamp Hotkey module.