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Added working with description and sub-tasks, sidebar with issue details.

New in this release

  • Right-hand sidebar with issue description and comments.  

  • Adding and editing issue description.

  • Viewing issue comments on the sidebar.

  • Editing issue summary on the sidebar.
  • Working with sub-tasks.

  • Sorting issues by creation date from newest to oldest.

Fixed in this release

  • Bug occurred when using keyboard shortcuts while creating an issue and not having permission to assign it. It caused the drop-down list with options being displayed in the wrong place.
  • Improved behaviour in cases when user with no proper permissions attempts to add a new issue or comment, edit issues. 
  • Improved behaviour in cases when you copy a fragment of issue summary or description on the sidebar.
  • Fixed the compatibility with standard JIRA Core and JIRA Software project types.


Right-hand sidebar with issue description and comments

Before, the list of issues in Plain Tasks included comments, which were sometimes overloading it. For your lists to look more compact and easier to work with, comments are now displayed on the right-hand sidebar together with the field for adding a new comment and issue description.

To view the description and comments of a specific issue, select this issue.



Adding and editing issue description 

Before you couldn't add description to an issue while creating it in Plain Tasks. Now it's possible. To specify issue description:

  • click  in the field you are using for creating issues
  • type issue description
  • click 'Create' (press 'Ctrl+Enter') to create an issue or go back to editing issue summary, adding other issue details

To view or edit the description of your JIRA issue:

  • select the corresponding issue
  • its description will be displayed on the sidebar
  • to edit it, click the description text
  • make your changes  
  • press Ctrl+Enter



Viewing issue comments on the sidebar

Issue comments are now displayed on the right-hand sidebar. To add a new comment to a specific issue,

if you are viewing the details of the issue:

  • type your comment in the Add Comment field below the issue description
  • press 'Ctrl+Enter'

if you are browsing the list of issues:

  • hover your mouse over an issue
  • you'll see  in the end of the issue summary
  • click it and issue details will be displayed on the sidebar with your cursor in the Add Comment field
  • type your comment and press 'Ctrl+Enter'



Editing issue summary on the sidebar

Before, to edit issue summary, you needed to click its text in the list of issues. Now when you click an issue, it's being selected and its summary, description and comments are shown on the sidebar. To edit issue summary:

  • select the issue, which summary you want to edit
  • you'll see its details on the right-hand sidebar
  • click the summary text on the sidebar
  • make changes
  • press Enter



Working with sub-tasks

Before, Plain Tasks didn't support working with sub-tasks. Now you can work with existing sub-tasks or create new ones right in Plain Tasks.

To create a new sub-task:

  1. hover your mouse over a parent issue you want to add a sub-task to;
  2. click  in the end of the issue summary;
  3. type sub-task summary in the text box and press 'Enter' or 'Ctrl+Enter';
  4. the sub-task is created with the default assignee, type and priority and no description.

Creating, editing, viewing details, resolving and reopening sub-tasks work the same way as when performing those actions with issues.



Sorting issues by creation date from newest to oldest 

Before, you could sort issues by Priority or Created. When sorting by date created, issues were ordered from oldest to newest.

Sometimes it's very convenient to be able to view issues sorted by their creation date in the reverse order, from newest to oldest. Now you can do that.

If issues are sorted by their creation date 'from oldest to newest' and you want to change sorting to 'from newest to oldest', click the Created button. If you want to go back to viewing issues sorted from oldest to newest, click Created once again. To order issues by priority, click Priority.



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