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In the Contributor Calendar section, you can see the calendar that comprises all days over the last year up to the current date.

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By default, Awesome Graphs filters and displays contributor's commits and pull requests for the last year. So when you go to Contributions, you can see Contribution Calendar and Contribution Activity Stream for the last year right away. 

Contributor Calendar shows you the Start and End dates of the current time span.

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Hover your mouse over a square (each square represents one day), to see how many contributions were made that day.


  • to see the contribution activity for one day, click the square representing that day in the calendar;
  • to see the contribution activity for the last year/month/week, choose a predefined value from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the user calendar;
  • to see the contribution activity for a custom time span, select a range of days by clicking the first day (start point of the time span) and dragging to the last day of the time span.

You can also see the list of all repositories a user contributed to within last year in the Repositories filter. By default, 'all repositories' is selected. When you select one of the repositories from the list, the contributions statistics is filtered and the Contributor calendar is updated based on your repository selection.

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Below Contribution Calendar, you can see:

  • contributor’s total amount of commits over the last year;the day on which the maximum number of contributions was made within last year (the date and the number of contributions);
  • duration of the contributor's longest streak (streak is the number of days in a row the contributions were made by a Stash user);
  • duration of the contributor's current streak.

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In the Contribution Activity Stream section below the Contributions Calendar, all user's contributions (commits and pull requests) are shown as an activity stream with links to the associated JIRA issues and Change Type lozenges. Contribution Activity Stream displays the contributions within the time span that is set. Its content changes together with the adjustment of Time Span.