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Virtual Agents for Bamboo is a smart tool for managing virtual machines with build agents, including tasks to automatically start and stop virtual machines for performing build or deployment tasks. Now you needn't keep the same virtual machine pending Bamboo activity or idling after task execution. The add-on allows your team to be efficient and complete much more work than ever before.

Management of Virtual Machines with Agents

The add-on is equipped with intelligent system designed to simplify management of remote agents hosted on virtual machines. The add-on analyzes the current Bamboo queue and starts the virtual machine with agent matching the queued task. So all build and deployment tasks are executed automatically without any need to monitor order and requirements of tasks.

Start/Stop Virtual Machine

  • "Start VMware VM" task for starting or resuming your VM. 
  • "Stop VMware VM" task for stopping or suspending your VM.

Flexible Configuration

  • Getting available virtual machines and their snapshots list from server
  • Quick mapping remote agents to virtual machines and VMware hosts
  • Starting of selected snapshot.
  • Option to automatically shut down or suspend virtual machines after build completion. So in most cases you don't need separate task to stop them

Great compatibility

  • VMware ESXi 5.x-6.x
  • VMware Workstation 8.x-11.x
  • VMware vCenter Server 5.0-6.0
  • VMware Server 2.0
  • VMware Infrastructure 3.0-3.5  
  • VMware vSphere 4.0-5.5
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