Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket provides illustrative graphs and charts to visualize the contribution statistics in your workspaces and repositories. You get analytical data for monitoring, reporting, and planning.

Using it, you can:

  • analyze team's performance

  • figure out when your team is usually most productive

  • see the dynamics of commit activity of each contributor over time

  • evaluate the efficiency of each contributor

How to install the app

During installation, you'll be requested to give Awesome Graphs access to read repositories and their pull requests, and account information, and also to read and modify repositories' webhooks. Please, refer to Privacy Policy to learn why.

Awesome Graphs app can be installed into Bitbucket on a workspace level by a user who holds admin rights to this workspace.
There are 3 ways to approach the installation process:

Bitbucket Settings (recommended)

  1. Open the settings of a workspace you want to install Awesome Graphs into by clicking Settings in the left sidebar.
  2. Click Marketplace under the Apps and Features section.
  3. Locate Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket in the list and click Add.

  1. Follow the installation link
  2. Make sure to select the correct workspace in the workspace authorisation section.
  3. Click Grant access

Atlassian Marketplace

  1. Go to the Awesome Graphs listing on the Atlassian Marketplace and click Get it now.
  2. Once in Bitbucket, make sure that you are located in the correct workspace.
  3. Click Add or switch to the correct workspace and follow the instructions here (ссылка Bitbucket Settings)

How to use the app

After the initial indexing is finished, you can use the Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket to its full potential. The app provides you with a set of commit graphs and reports to analyze activity in your workspaces and repositories. You can learn more about each one on the Commits Analytics page.

How to get to the Graphs page

To access the graphs, you need to go to a workspace or a repository in Bitbucket you'd like to examine and click on the Graphs icon in the navigation bar.

How to get to the Reports page

To access the reports, you need to:

  • Navigate to the workspace or repository in Bitbucket you'd like to examine.
  • Click on the Reports icon in the left-hand sidebar.

All graphs will be available for all users with access to the workspace after the initial indexing.