Management of status-specific restrictions is available since Smart Attachments for Jira 2.10.0.

Status-specific restrictions allow you to define the read and read-write restrictions to categories when the issue is in a specific status. This way, you can regulate access to categories and lock files from editing for specific users, user groups, and project roles.

Status-specific restrictions are merged with the access restrictions configured in the category scheme. You need to consider this while configuring them.

Actions available for read and read & write restrictions

Read restrictions

Read & write restrictions

(in addition to actions available in the read mode)

  1. Viewing attachments in categories
  2. Downloading attachments from categories
  3. Download document revisions from categories
  4. Sending attachments to an email
  5. Bulk operation - download attachments
  6. Bulk operation - sending attachments to an email
  7. Download all attachments
  8. Commenting on attachment
  1. Upload of attachments to categories
  2. Upload of document revisions (manual and automatic including selection from the already uploaded files)
  3. Removal of attachments from categories
  4. Moving attachments between categories (actions and drag-n-drop)
  5. Bulk operation - moving attachments to categories
  6. Bulk operation - removal of attachments
  7. Bulk operation - archiving attachments
  8. Renaming attachment
  9. Renaming document revisions
  10. Removal of document revisions

Setting up status-specific restrictions

Before you proceed to configure the status-specific restrictions, you need to perform one of the actions below in advance:

  • create a category scheme from scratch
  • assign the existing category scheme to the project.

After doing this, you can proceed to set up status-specific restrictions.

  1. Open the project in which you want to set up status-specific restrictions.
  2. On the sidebar, select Project settings
  3. Locate the Smart Attachments and click Status-specific restrictions.
  4. Click Actions, then select Edit configuration.
  5. Configure the status-specific restrictions as follows:
    1. Attachments category - select one or multiple categories to which status-specific restrictions are applied.
    2. Issue types - select issue types which status-specific restrictions will be activated for.
    3. Statuses - select statuses in which restrictions are applied.
    4. Access restrictions - select users, user groups, and project roles for read and read & write restrictions.
  6. When completed, click Add.
  7. Click Update.