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Added Top Committers Report. Improvements in Punchcard and Activity.

New in this release:

  • A new way to see the summary and dynamics of contributors' commit activity
  • Improvements in Punchcard
  • Setting a custom time span in Activity


A new way to see the summary and dynamics of contributors' commit activity

We implemented a new report, Top Committers Report. It provides a punchcard showing how commit activity of selected contributors has been changing over a specified time period. The graph displays commit statistics in a summarized way. A circle can be a day, a week, a month, etc. depending on the length of a chosen time span.

The bigger a circle is the more commits were made. By taking a look at circles associated with a particular developer you can easily see the dynamics of his/her commit activity. And if you compare circles of several people you can analyze what contribution each of them made.

Below the graph there's an activity stream with commit details.

When you hover over a circle or a contributor name, you can see the number of commits associated with that circle or person. And when you click it, the activity stream will get updated and display the details of those commits.

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Improvements in Punchcard

Punchcard became more flexible and powerful with:

  • setting a time span for the graph
  • selecting a contributor and viewing a punchcard of a chosen developer
  • seeing the total number of commits associated with each day of the week
  • punchcard now supports two time formats – 12h and 24h. A time format is being automatically selected based on your browser locale

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Setting a custom time span in Activity

We added a new option in the 'Time Span' filter in Activity - Custom. So now you can view the charts and activity stream for a specific time range within the past year.   





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