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New in this release 

  • Increased the default timeout set for connecting to the Evernote server from 90 seconds to 180 seconds. It allows importing larger notes, which takes longer time.
  • Added the capability to change the timeout of connecting to the Evernote server. See FAQ for details.
  • Removed the tag filter. The tag filter caused performance issues when there was a large amount of tags to show. And it displayed tags that were no longer used by an Evernote user. There is no suitable solution to fix these issues at the moment. That is why the tag filter is removed until such a solution is available.

Fixed in this release 

  • Before if an Evernote note included files that are not supported by the integration, they were skipped and not copied into Confluence when importing a note. Now such files are being imported and attached to a Confluence page. They are displayed on a page as a link to an attachment.
  • Fixed the compatibility with Evernote Business. The issue caused note previews not being displayed in the 'Import from Evernote' window.
  • Before when disconnecting from Evernote, the access token was deleted only on the Confluence side. Now it is being revoked in Evernote as well.
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