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Viewing the Latest Builds

This feature is available for JIRA CLOUD only.

You can view the latest builds for a specific issue per each build configuration.

  1. Open the issue that you want to see deployment for.
  2. In the issue, locate the Development section.
  3. Click the line with builds. This opens the form with the list of builds. You can click each build to view its details in TeamCity.

Here you can view both generic builds and builds of the Deployment type.

Viewing Deployments

This feature is available for JIRA CLOUD only.

You can view build deployments for specific issues. The app supports builds of the Deployment type and shows them in issues which they relate to.

  1. Open the issue.
  2. Locate the Releases section.
  3. Click the line with release.

The app will show the list of build deployments that relate to the current issue. You can click a specific deployment to transition to TeamCity and view details on it.

For each deployment you can view the following:

  • status of deployment (successful or unsuccessful)
  • build configuration for deployment
  • branch which the build was deployed from

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