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No Email Storm 2.3.3

Added the Chinese localization

No Email Storm 2.3.2

Resolved the issue with disappearance of the Save button

No Email Storm 2.3.1

Added the read-only mode compatible flag into the app descriptor

No Email Storm 2.3.0

Support for Confluence Data Center and minor improvements

No Email Storm 2.2.6

Resolved the compatibility issue with the Scaffolding app

No Email Storm 2.2.5

Added support for Flemish (nl_BE)

No Email Storm 2.2.4

Resolved issue with the incorrect mouse pointer display on hover

No Email Storm 2.2.3

Resolved compatibility issues with Confluence 6.9.0

No Email Storm 2.2.2

Display of the Update & Notify button if the page has the 'nes-notify' label

No Email Storm 2.2.1

Resolved compatibility issues with Enterprise News Bundle add-on

No Email Storm 2.2.0

Compatibility updates for Confluence 6

No Email Storm 2.1.2

Corrected behavior of sending notifications about user mentions

No Email Storm 2.1.1

Corrected German translation for the add-on

No Email Storm 2.1.0

Added a capability to select what button to use as prominent in the editor

No Email Storm 2.0.5

Added French and updated German localization

No Email Storm 2.0.2

Added German localization

No Email Storm 2.0.1

Add-on could write extra unnecessary logs

No Email Storm 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 doesn't require the Speakeasy extension to be installed.


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