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Project Performance Dashboard is a tool which can give you valuable insights into how your project evolves and how your team performs.

The app automatically calculates the reporting data for your software projects and generates the following charts:

  • Sprint Structure per Issue Type
  • Story Throughput


ChartWhat it shows

Sprint Structure per Issue Type

This chart type shows the distribution of issue types across last eight sprints. This way you can track the scope of your sprints and identify whether you create new functionality or address issues and refactor code from older sprints.

Normally, each sprint should contain at least 50-60%% of stories and new features, 20% of bugs or less, 15% for improvements. If there 

Story Throughput

This chart is similar to Sprint Velocity and helps you to count the number of stories finished in a sprint. Within this metric, stories should be included into the sprint they were completed, not started in. 

Story Throughput is a highly useful metric. If all your stories are similar in size, you can use ST instead of Velocity. If your stories have a normal distribution (one part of your stories has a specific average size, and the other part goes below and above that average), you can also use ST instead of Sprint Burndown and Sprint Burnup.

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