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This version of the app's documentation is outdated. Please find the information you're looking for here:

The Source Table:

The Result:

Macro combination:

  1. Insert the Jira Issues macro.
  2. Wrap the Jira Issues macro in the Table Filter macro.
  3. Wrap the Table Filter macro in the Table Transformer macro. (info)
  4. Add a table containing project milestones. (info)
  5. Wrap the Table Filter macro and the table containing milestones in the Table Transformer macro.
  6. Wrap the Table Transformer macro and the table in the Chart from Table macro.

Macro configuration:

Table Filter:

Filter ColumnIssue typeSprint
Filter TypeVisualDropdown
Filter ValuesNew feature, ImprovementECS Sprint 2, ECS Sprint 3, ECS Sprint 4

Table Transformer:

Use the following SQL query:

CASE WHEN 'Status' = "Done" 
THEN "100%" 
WHEN 'Status' = "To Do" 
THEN "0%" 
ELSE (100 - ('Remaining Estimate' / 'Time Spent' * 100) + "%") 
END AS 'Completion Ratio'

Chart from Table:

Labels ColumnSprint, Key, Milestone
Values ColumnCreated, Due, Completion ratio, Date

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