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This page provides you with the information about public releases of Table Filter for Confluence 2.2.x. Here you can learn what new features were added and what bugs were fixed.

Table Filter 2.2.8

Resolved the issue with the macro placed within Wiki Markup macro

Table Filter 2.2.7

Resolved the minor filtration and table display issues

Table Filter 2.2.6

Increased filtration performance in Internet Explorer 9 and fixed minor issues

Table Filter 2.2.5

Resolved the filtering issue with JIRA Issues macro and increased compatibility with IE 8 and IE 9

Table Filter 2.2.4

Modified and improved the table rendering engine for third-party macros

Table Filter 2.2.3

Previous versions of the add-on could break autocomplete in Confluence editor

Table Filter 2.2.2

Resolved the issue with Page Properties Reporting macro with the embedded table

Table Filter 2.2.1

Resolved the issue with inability to filter Scaffolding tables

Table Filter 2.2.0

Improved the interface for entry of default value and field width for filters


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