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New in this release

Added a capability to zoom in charts.

Now you can hold the Ctrl button and zoom in your charts with the scrolling wheel.

Added support for dynamic time values for the date range filter.

Now you can enter dynamic time values when filtering time ranges in your tables.

The new version of add-on also includes the following features:

  • Added a capability to define the date format in the page view mode.
  • Added a capability to count multiple values separated by the specific delimiter with the Pivot Table macro.
  • Added the OR operator for filtering data with multiple filters.
  • Added a capability to process multiple values separated by symbol as independent values in the dropdown filter.
  • Added support for processing multiple emoticons placed within the same table cell for the Table Filter and Pivot Table macros.
  • Added a capability to generate a pivot table against states of checkboxes.
  • Added a capability to filter, summarize and visualize worklogs and duration intervals.
  • Added a capability to enter custom labels for filters on the filtration pane.

See the new features

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