StiltSoft is happy to announce the release of Talk for Confluence 1.8.0

Starting from version 1.7.8 the add-on supports two types of licenses – a vendor license (purchased on the StiltSoft's website) and a Marketplace license. If you have an existing vendor license, please ignore the message 'Paid Update Available' in UPM. Your existing license will remain valid.

New in this release

This major release adds the ability to restrict viewing Talk discussions to only selected users and/or user groups.

In Space Permissions - Talk Permissions you can specify default users and/or user groups who can view Talk discussions created in this space. If this list is empty, everyone can view discussions in a space. Moreover, you can set permissions for a single discussion when creating it.

Starting from this release, users can edit only their own comments. Only a space administrator can edit all comments.

We also aligned the look of email notifications with Atlassian Design Guidelines.

And finally, the add-on is now available in Japanese and French.

Fixed in this release

  • No View online link in resolved discussion notifications as there's nothing to view on a page.
  • Improved compatibility with AdHoc Workflow.
  • Improved compatibility with the Expand macro.
  • Minor look fixes.


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