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The User Profile Manager app is a solution that allows you to manage additional information about users in Jira Cloud. It provides you with the following capabilities:

  • view profiles of all user accounts registered in Jira Cloud
  • manage details about users within their profiles
  • view user profiles in context of the issues which users work on

Viewing User Profiles

  1. Open Jira Cloud.
  2. On the navigational sidebar, select User Profiles.
  3. The app loads the list of users registered on the current Jira Cloud instance, as follows:

By default, the app cannot fetch any users' personal information from the Atlassian account. You can open the contact details and add fill out details for each user profile.

Once you have specified information about users in their profiles, additional information will appear on the user profile cards, as follows:

You may need to grant the Browse users and groups permission to the atlassian-addons-admin group. In case of insufficient permissions, the app will show the corresponding message with details.

Filling out details in user profiles

By default, the editing of profiles is available to the site administrators and user from the jira-administrators group. Additionally, each user can edit his/her own profile.

To grant a permission to edit profiles, create the user-profile-editors group and add users within it.

  1. In the grid with user profiles, locate the one you want to fill out details for.
  2. Position the mouse pointer into the field you want to add information.
  3. Enter details in the field.
  4. Click the Confirm button.
  5. When complete, click Back to cards.

Viewing user details in issues

The User Profile Manager app is compatible with the new issue view only. If you use the old issue view the app section will not be visible on the sidebar.

  1. Open the issue.
  2. On the sidebar, locate the User Profile Details section.
  3. Click View User Profiles.
  4. You can fill out or update details for the selected user profile.

The app loads profiles of the following users:

  • Assignee
  • Reporter
  • Users who commented on the issue

Querying data with JQL

You can query Jira issues with JQL, as follows:

reporter.{fieldName} ~ value
assignee.{fieldName} ~ value

For example:

assignee.position ~ Developer

The following fields can be queried:

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