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Commitment — is when you promise to resolve an issue until the end of the week.

To boost your motivation it is great to set weekly goals and make commitments on Monday, expecting to review on Friday what you and your colleagues have done during the week.

How to make a commitment?

To make commitment visit any issue and click "Make commitment" button.

Then you'll see due date for this issue (the end of the week):

Any time later you can dismiss this commitment by clicking 'I give up', but remember – heroes always keep faith.

Weekly commitment colors

Weekly commitment can be colored differently:

  • BLUE – Week in a progress. You have time to resolve the issue
  • GREEN – You've resolved the issue during the week you've made commitment.
  • RED – Week passed, but you haven't resolved the issue yet.
  • YELLOW – You've resolved the issue but not in time.

How can I find all my commitments?

Just click 'My commitments' in JIRA main menu and you'll see all recent commitments across all the projects.

Row colors have the same meaning as described above.

Only commitments for last 3 weeks are displayed.

Who else can see my commitments?

Every member of the project can see all commitments made within this project. Just click 'Add-ons – Weekly commitments'.

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