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This feature is free for first 50 commits. To get Commit Graphs for more than 50 commits, a commercial license is required.

To view Commit Graph of the current repository, navigate to the Commits section on the sidebar. Commit Graph appears to the left of the 'Author' column.

Use it to:

  • visualize development flows (branches, merges, commits) of your Git repositories;
  • see the merge history and the relationships between commits;
  • make sense of your branches history.

Highlighting Ancestors of a Changeset

By default, all changesets are highlighted. You can click a point to highlight the ancestors of a certain changeset and see where it comes from.

To have all changesets highlighted again, click the graph anywhere outside the points.

Collapsing and Expanding Commit Graph

It's possible to collapse and expand Commit Graph: just click the button  to the left of Commit Graph to hide it or to expand and view it again.  

If you have any feedback or requests concerning this feature, please, let us know.

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