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In the Contributors tab you can see, in the upper part, Summary Graph representing the number of total contributions (commits/additions/deletions) made to the repository over a certain time span grouped by day/week/month; and, in the lower part, all repository Contributors with their:

  • personal contribution graphs (small graphs below the summary graph) representing their individual contributions filtered according to the current summary graph settings (contribution type; time span; by day/week/month);
  • total of commits;
  • total of lines of code added;
  • total of lines of code deleted by contributor.

The Server version has project and repository Contributors graphs. The Cloud version has only repository graphs.

View the project graph BITBUCKET SERVER

To view the project Contributors graph:

  • navigate to the project of your choice
  • click Graphs on the left-hand sidebar
  • select the Contributors page in the Graphs tab

View the repository graph

To view the repository Contributors graph:

  • navigate to the repository of your choice
  • click Graphs on the left-hand sidebar
  • select the Contributors page in the Graphs tab

Also while browsing the Contributors graph of a certain project, you can select one of its repositories from the Repository Selection drop-down menu with the list of all the repositories of the current project. Learn more

Activity Type 

To choose what activity (commits, additions or deletions) to display in the summary graph navigate to the Show menu and select one of the options from the drop-down list.

By default all files except binaries are counted in lines of code statistics (Additions, Deletions). It is possible to exclude files and directories from statistics. Learn more


By default, the Contributors graph displays commits, additions and deletions of all contributors of a project or repository. In the All contributors dropdown menu it's possible to choose certain contributors (a team or a user) and browse this graph for them only.

Choose a team in the Teams tab to see personal statistics. Read more about teams here.

Choose a user in the Users tab to see personal statistics.

Time Span 

To select a time span for personal contribution graphs, go to the summary graph, click near the start point of your time span and drag to the end point. Once selected, your time span can be adjusted by moving the selection or dragging start or end points. To deselect, click anywhere outside the selected area in the graph.

Grouping Criteria 

To display contributions grouped by whether day, week or month, click one of the Display in buttons.

Contributors List 

The contributors are ordered by value specified in the Show menu. For example, if Commits is chosen, contributors are ordered by the number of commits they made in the repository.

Here, contributors names can be text or links. If it's text, that means that the contributor is not a Bitbucket Server user. For Bitbucket Server users, contributors names are links to their Contributions graph in their user profile. Contributions graph is available only in the paid version of Awesome Graphs.

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