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In the Punchcard tab you can see a commit summary by day of the week and hour. You can select a period of time and a user. For example, on the screenshot below the "Friday 11:00" circle represents the total number of commits made on all the Fridays from February 20, 2012 till November 4, 2016 from 11am to 12pm. 

Hovering your mouse over a circle will display the exact number of commits made during that hour on that day.

If you hover over a day of the week, you'll see how many commits were made on that day.

Time Span 

To select a time period for your punchcard:

  1. click the time span selection button
  2. select one of the options or click 'Custom' to set a custom time span

Selecting a Contributor 

Besides seeing a punchcard that accumulates the statistics of all contributors, you can view the graph for a specific developer. To do that:

  1. click the user selection button
  2. choose a contributor whose punchcard you want to view
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