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In the Punchcard tab you can see a commit summary by day of the week and hour over the period starting from the first commit in this repository till now. For example, on the screenshot below the "Friday 11:00" circle represents the total number of commits made on all the Fridays from February 20, 2012 till November 4, 2016 from 11am to 12pm. 

Hovering your mouse over a circle will display the exact number of commits made during that hour on that day.

If you hover over a day of the week, you'll see how many commits were made on that day.

Time Span 

To select a time period for your punchcard:

  1. click the time span selection button
  2. select one of the options or click 'Custom' to set a custom time span

Selecting a Contributor 

Besides seeing a punchcard that accumulates the statistics of all contributors, you can view the graph for a specific developer. To do that:

  1. click the user selection button
  2. choose a contributor whose punchcard you want to view
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