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Resolution Time report is available only in Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Server.

This report shows the average time taken to resolve pull requests. Resolution times of merged and declined pull requests are shown separately. This report is useful to show you the trends in resolution time. 

What does the Resolution Time report look like?

Once the report is configured, you will see something like this:

Configuring a Resolution Time report

  1. Navigate to the project/repository of your choice.
  2. Choose Actions section on the sidebar Reports Resolution Time Report in the Pull Requests section
  3. In the Period fields, choose the time frame. The report will include pull requests that were merged or declined within this time frame.
  4. In Group by, select units of time (how to group pull requests). 

  5. In Destination Branch (available only in repository reports), choose pull requests to what branch to include in the report. When 'All branches' is selected, the report will have pull requests made to all branches.

How to read a Resolution Time report?

Each bar shows an average resolution time of a particular period. A period can have two bars:

  • green (resolution time of merged pull requests) 
  • red (resolution time of declined pull requests) 

To the right of the graph, there is a table that shows:

  • the number of merged and declined pull requests for each period
  • average resolution time of merged and declined pull requests

List of pull requests

Below the graph, you can see the list of pull requests included in the report.

If you click a bar, the list will get updated and you will see pull requests that correspond to that bar. 

If you'd like Awesome Graphs to include other pull requests reports, please, let us know.

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