1. Is Talk available for Cloud?

This possibility is in the research stage. We need to investigate what functionality to bring for you in Cloud. Thus, please, contact our team to tell your needs and help us to build a roadmap for Cloud.

2. How to install Talk?

You can install it manually or using the Universal Plugin Manager. To start using Talk, generate a 30-day evaluation license or purchase a commercial license either on Atlassian Marketplace.

3. Will Talk comments migrate together with other content when I migrate Confluence spaces from one instance to another?

When you export Confluence spaces via XML, Talk content is not being exported. That means the content of Talk comments will not be available on a new instance after importing those spaces. But there is a workaround you can use. If you are planning to migrate spaces, please contact us to learn about it before you start the migration.

4. Is it possible to restrict access to Talk for individual users and/or groups?

Yes, the add-on supports a capability to set view restrictions through space permissions or individual setup for a specific talk discussion. For the details on permission management, refer to the Managing Permissions.

5. Is it possible to restrict access only to certain Talk features, for example, editing comments or resolving discussions?

No. Users who can edit a discussion, have full access to it.

6. Is there any character limit for Talk comments?

No. You can post comments of any length.

7. Can I use Talk inside standard Confluence comments?

No. You can use Talk only to comment content posted on a Confluence page or blog.

8. I accidentally resolved a discussion/deleted a comment. Can I restore it?

Yes, you can restore the accidentally resolved or deleted discussions. Starting from Talk Add-on 1.7.10 you can restore discussions while reverting pages to the version when the talk had not been resolved yet. All the modifications added to the page will be also removed after the page revert.

9. I don't need a discussion now, but it contains important information and I don't want to lose it. What should I do?

Archive the discussion and resume it when you need it again (only for Talk 2.2.0 and higher). See here for details.

10. Are email notifications sent after editing or deleting a comment?

No. Email notifications are sent only after adding a comment or resolving a discussion.

11. Do I need to refresh a page to check for new comments?

Starting from Talk 2.2.0 - no, the comments in existing discussions appear in real time without refreshing a page. To see new discussions you still have to refresh a page.

12. Can I copy a Talk discussion to another page or blog?

Yes, you can. When you copy a talk to another page, you get an exact copy of the source talk. Consider that when adding new talk responses, these comments will added in both talk threads.

13. Can I copy a Talk discussion from one Confluence server to another?

Unfortunately, you cannot.

14. Can I attach files to discussions?

You can attach files to the page where a discussion is located by dropping them in a comment. Files will be automatically attached and the comment will contain a link to them.

15. Is it possible to add several watchers using @mentions?

Yes. Type the @ symbol and select the watcher from the list. Repeat this for all persons you want to add as watchers.

16. When do users receive Talk notifications?

Users receive email and workbox notifications on Talk actions (a new Talk discussion is started, a Talk thread is removed or archived, a new reply is added) on:

  • pages they are watching
  • pages they are not watching but which are located in a space they are watching

There are no notification when a Talk comment is edited.

17. Can anonymous users add talks?

Anonymous users can add talks on Confluence pages if the corresponding permissions are granted to this account type.

18. Can I disable Confluence native inline comments to only use Talk inline comments and suggestions?

This functionality is only available for Confluence versions below 7.x. We can suggest a workaround, but it may have certain disadvantages for you. Please, contact our team to know more.

Yes, it is possible. However, if you disable Confluence native inline comments completely, the Talk Suggestions feature will not work.

If you need both Talk inline comments and suggestions, do the following:

  • go to the Manage apps section in Confluence Administration
  • select System apps
  • find the Confluence Inline Comments app
  • disable the following Confluence Inline Comments app modules and the icon for adding a native inline comment will not be displayed:
    • Create inline comment in Confluence
    • View resolved comments

If you don't use Talk suggestions feature, you can disable  the Confluence native inline comments app completely:

  • go to the Manage Apps section in Confluence Administration
  • select System apps
  • find and disable the Confluence Inline Comments app
  • Confluence inline comments will be disabled for the whole instance, but page comments will be still working.

19. Is Talk compatible with Comala Workflows?

Talk creates a new page revision everytime a new discussion is started or a discussion is resolved, which triggers a change of page status in Comala Workflows. E.g. before adding a talk, your page status was 'Approved'. After you start a discussion, the page becomes a draft. We worked on this issue together with the Comala team. A possible solution is available here. Or you can disable the creation of page versions on Talk actions to avoid Comala Workflows getting triggered.

20. Can I disable the creation of page versions on Talk actions?

When a Talk inline comment is added and resolved or a suggestion is accepted, a new page version is created by default. It works this way to allow users to track Talk discussions in a page history and restore removed talks.

If you do not want to have page versions created on Talk actions, go to Space tools> Add-ons> Talk Settings and clear the checkbox 'Enable creation of page versions on Talk actions'.

When you disable the creation of page versions, you will not be able to restore removed Talk discussions and see when discussions were started and resolved by browsing a page history.

21. Is the localization available for Talk?

 The localization is available in the German, Spanish and Russian languages starting from version 1.6.0.

22. How to correctly update the app to the version 4.2.7 and above if my current version of the app is 3.6 and below?

If you want to update the app correctly to the version of Talk 4.2.7 and above, but your current version of the app is 3.6 and below, you need to:

  1. Update your current version to any of this range: 3.7.0 - 4.2.6. You can find and download them on the Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. Update the app to 4.2.7.

To be compatible with Confluence 8, we had to update the mechanism for storing talks in the database. Users with version 3.7.0 - 4.2.6 can directly update the app to the newer versions. Users that update the app from 3.6 and below to 4.2.7 and above will see errors instead of talks.

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