Creators may find Learning by clicking the Apps button on the Confluence header.

Users who're included in Creation Restrictions can see two types of dashboards on the Learning portal  - Creator dashboards and Participant dashboards.

Creator dashboards

On the Creator dashboards you can:

  • Create new courses and quizzes

  • Find all courses and quizzes you created before

Create courses and quizzes

  • Click Create course or Create quiz on the top right corner of the Learning portal.

  • Select a space and a parent page to store it

  • Give it a name

When done, you'll appear on the administration page of a course or a quiz where you can fill it with content. 

Find already created courses and quizzes

You may find courses and quizzes you created before on the Courses and Quizzes tabs. 

Participant dashboards

A user with creation restrictions can be not only a creator but also a participant that needs to take courses and quizzes built by other creators (or by themselves).

In the situation, when a creator also needs to be educated, they can use Switch to Participant. This button switches a creator to a participant's role.

Participant dashboards can help a creator to:

  • Find courses and quizzes they need to take
  • Take and continue courses and quizzes
  • Find already completed courses and quizzes 
  • Track their progress 

If you need to get back to Creator dashboards, click the Switch to Creator button.