Each question is created as a separate Confluence page.

To edit a question:

  • Navigate to the page of that question and open it in the editor, or

  • Click Edit in the Questions section on a quiz administration page.

What you can do while editing a question:

  • Modify the question by making changes in the page title
  • Add additional content (e.g. additional text, image or video) in the area above the macros 
  • Edit, delete or add answer options. Each answer option is inside a separate Question Answer Option macro. To add an answer option, insert another Question Answer Option macro inside the Question Answers macro body
  • Change the correct answer or question type in the settings of the Question Answers macro.
  • After publishing a page, a question will be modified according to your changes.

Be aware that if you edit questions after enrolling to a quiz, enrolled and future participants will see questions in their new version.