New in this release:

  • Auto-enrollment into courses for Confluence groups.

Auto-enrollment for easier management of onboarding courses

This new version introduces auto-enrollment into courses. Course administrators can save the time they spend enrolling participants by setting up auto-enrollment. 

Use Cases

  • Onboarding course. Your team is growing fast. New hires need to take one or several courses. You don't want to enroll them manually.
  • Switching jobs. There's a job-specific course that an employee needs to take when they switch to a particular role within the company. You'd like this course to be assigned to them automatically.

Once a group is added, all users who are part of that group will be automatically enrolled in this course within 24 hours. When a new user is added to that group, that person will be enrolled by the system to the course within 24 hours.

You will see users who were automatically enrolled to the course on the Results tab.

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