Use cases:

  • Track quiz completion
  • View all participants
  • See participants' answers and results
  • Share results with others

A quiz administration page has Results section, which shows quiz participants and their results. There, you can track quiz completion and view participants' answers.

This report is automatically created when participants start taking a quiz and is available only to quiz administrators, who can view the quiz administration page.

To share this report with participants:

  1. Create a new page or open a page you want to add results to.
  2. Insert Quiz Results Report macro.
  3. Select the quiz, which results you want to share, and click Insert

    Instead of inserting an empty macro and selecting a quiz, you can copy the Quiz Results Report macro from the quiz administration page and paste it on another page.

  4. Save the page.
  5. Share the page with participants.

By default this report doesn't include participants' answers – you need to click in Result to view answers of a single participant. Though it is possible to configure the report to have it display answers of all participants.