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Для DPA пункт:

List of Current Subprocessors and Notification of New Subprocessors. The current list of Subprocessors engaged in Processing Personal Data for the performance of each applicable App, including a description of their processing activities and countries of location, is listed under the Infrastructure and Subprocessor Documentation which can be found on the Trust and Compliance webpage at (link). Customer hereby consents to these Subprocessors, their locations, and processing activities as it pertains to their Personal Data. The Infrastructure and Subprocessor Documentation contains a mechanism to subscribe to notifications of new Subprocessors for each applicable App.

(question) Мы же такое реализовывать не будем? ...and if Customer subscribes, SFDC shall provide notification of a new Sub-processor(s) before authorizing any new Sub-processor(s) to Process Personal Data in connection with the provision of the applicable Services.

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Find Trust and Compliance information for each Stiltsoft App.Find Trust and Compliance information for each Stiltsoft App.

Table of Contents

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