Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket gives you the capability to export raw data with the statistics across all projects and repositories to a CSV file by using the Export to CSV feature. As a result, you will get the list of the commits or pull requests made during the selected time span with their details.

The resulting CSV file can be further exported into Confluence and transformed into a table using Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets' Table from CSV macro .

Macro combination:

  1. Insert the Table from CSV macro.
  2. Wrap the Table from CSV macro in the  Pivot Table  macro.
  3. Wrap the Table Transformer macro in the Chart from Table macro.

Macro configuration:

Pivot Table:
Row LabelsCreated Date, Author Name
Column LabelsAuthor Name
Calculated Column-
Operation Type


Date Formatm/d/y
Date period aggregationWeek
Chart from Table:
TypeStacked Column
Labels ColumnCreated Date
Values ColumnAll your "Count %author name%"